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G8MNY  > TECHNI   11.10.21 09:50l 506 Lines 22518 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : 49496_GB7CIP
Subj: TECH by Subject Index Update
Sent: 211011/0736Z @:GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO #:49496 [Caterham Surrey GBR]

Hi Readers,                               (Update Sep 21)
        Here is the current list of the ever expanding TECH bul collection. Not
all 427 buls (inc this 1) will be on your local BBS yet, but they will be soon.
Three buls are sent each day, so the whole set is sent nearly 3 times a year.
Some files are large & not split up. Most BBSs use a buletin timeout of 1-3
months, so you may have less than 100 of these buls on the one you use.

The files are often updated, as I Rx feedback, improve the content or spot
errors on them etc. The date of the last significant update is on 1st text line
of each bul, so it can easily be compared (download & abort "A") with your own
kept file to see if you want the update. The collection is not numbered as this
would complicate new files in the subjects etc.

Most of the files use the very data efficient old 8 Bit ASCII graphic set,
(code page 437 or 850, "Terminal Font").

SUBJECT       Title               By   Last Update
13cms 2 Lambda Slot              G6KIU
13cms Dipole & Reflector         VK3ABK  Apr 07
13cms Yagi from Prigles Can      KN9MWR  Mar 06
160m 7 Ferrite Rod Aerial        G8MNY   Oct 10
23cm Skeleton Alford Slot        G8MNY   Dec 03
23cms 65el Loop Yagi Info        G8MNY   Sep 06
23el 1296MHz Ant Repair Spec     G0ATV   Jan 99
23cms 10el Yagis for ATV         G3ZJO   Feb 06
23cms 6el Yagi                   DG2GAJ  Mar 05
23cms Flat Plate Aerial          G8MNY   Jan 03
2m & 6m Band "Neptune" Aerial    G8AMG
2m 3el Yagi                      G0FTD   Mar 06
2m 4el Quad you can build        KI6DS
2m Fullwave Dipole               G8MNY   Mar 07
2m JayBeam LR2 Colinear          G8MNY   Sep 13
2m Slim Jim                      G0OEK
3 Band VHF indoor aerial         G0FTD   May 06
4m 5/8 Vertical                  G6OHM   Nov 04
4m J Pole                        G6OHM   Nov 04
6m 6el Yagi                      SP7QHP
6m 8el Yagi                      IK0ZIZ
6m Yagi from TV Antenna          DG0OPK
70cm 8el Yagi                    2E1ESY
70cms & 2m Dual Band Aerial      VK4XT
70cm 19el Tonna Yagi info        G0FTD
70cms 22el Yagi                  KE4IQQ
70cm 27el G3JVL's QLY            G8MNY   Nov 18
70cms Bowtie Beam                G6OHM
70cms Collinear                  2E1ESY  Nov 05
70cms Bazooka Dipole             PD2HFE  May 04
A Nest of Dipoles for HF         G8MNY   Jul 20
Balloon & Kite Aerials           G8MNY   Aug 08
Bent Dipole with GAIN!           SP5RH ?
Broadband 6el Yagi for Band 2    G8MNY   Sep 12
Casting Lead Throwing Weights    G8MNY   Jul 09
Chimney Pot Sky Hook             G8MNY   Mar 21
Delta Loops                      G4WYW   Aug 21 
Growing Loft to Roof Aerials     G8MNY   Nov 09
Simple /P HF Dipoles             G8MNY   Aug 13
Simple 1/4 Wave 2m Mobile Aerial G8MNY   Oct 07
Tree Antenna Sky Hooks           G8MNY   Jul 08
Understanding Trapped Antennas   G8MNY   Feb 06
Using a G5RV on 160M             G8MNY   Aug 13
Wall & Chimney Brackets          G8MNY   Jan 16
WiFi Ant                         M1BYT   Sep 10
Diamond X500 Colinear Repair     G8MNY   Mar 21 

HF ATU & SWR Bridge VC3000LP/QT  G8MNY   Jan 19
HF ATU & SWR Bridge MFJ-904H     G8MNY   Dec 19
VHF ATU Homebrew Design          G8MNY   Aug 05
12 Uses of HF Trifilair L        G8MNY   Jun 20
1:6 HF balun(200,300,450,600)   PD2HFE  Dec 04
1:1 HF Balun                     G8MNY   May 09
50-72 Balun for HF freq's       G8MNY   Jun 04
50 - 200 HF Balun              G8MNY   Mar 05
50 - 200 HF Transformer        G8MNY   Nov 09
Choke Balun for HF               G8MNY   May 09
Coiled Coax Choke Balun for VHF  G8MNY   May 09
Coax Sleeve Balun                G8MNY   Aug 04
HF Balun & Marconi T switch      G8MNY   Jun 15
Pawsley Stub Coax Balun          G8MNY   Jun 04
RF Directional Coupler           G8MNY   Jul 19
Testing Auto ATUs                G8MNY   Jan 19
True VHF Impedance with MFJ259B  G8MNY   Dec 16
23cms Filter                     G8MNY   Dec 03
2m Cavity Filter                 VK2DKW
6m Filter Design?                G8MNY   Apr 04
60m Lowpass filter               G3YRH   Aug 04
Coax Traps                       G8MNY   Nov 08
Drake TV-3300-LP QRO LP Filter   G8MNY   Oct 19
HF Rx Suckout Trap               G8MNY   Aug 19
VHF/UHF TVI Filter               G8MNY   Feb 10
Rotator 12V /P                   G8MNY   Jun 07
Rotator Alenco Diagram           G8MNY   Aug 17
Rotator Hishmann Hit Ro 250 info G8MNY   Jan 15
Rotator Kenpro KR400 info        G8MNY   Apr 20
Rotator Radio Shack info         G8MNY   Jan 15
Rotator Western WE115 info       G8MNY   Nov 05
Rotator Yaesu G250 info          G8MNY   Jan 06
Rotator Yamato YB101 info        G8MNY   Jul 19
144/432MHz Homebrew Duplexers    G8MNY   Jun 04
4x Power Splitter for 2M or 70cm G8MNY   Jan 05
4 Aerial Doppler RDF             G8MNY   Jan 15
Antenna Noise Canceller No 4     G8MNY   Jun 19
2M DF ing with just a FT290r     G8MNY   Jun 19
Doppler DF Aerial Design         G8MNY   Sep 11
High Gain 70cm Preamp            G8MNY   Dec 09
Making a Phasing Harness         G8MNY   Jan 05
Corroded & Rusted Up?            G8MNY   Oct 09
Stacking, Baying or Boxing Ant   G8MNY   Dec 05
Truth test for EMF Calculators   G8MNY   Jul 21 
Your own EMF Spreadsheet         G8MNY   Sep 21 

ATV (Sent to ATV etc.)
23cm ATV Repeater GB3HV          G8MNY   Jun 12
10 Pin VCR Camera Connections    G8MNY
ATV Demo System @ Kempton Park   G8MNY   May 10
Black & Burst Sync Buffer        G8MNY   Feb 05
Hearing the ATV Buzz             G8MNY   Jan 09
Low Power Video Buffer           G8MNY   Feb 06
Radar clipper for 23cms          G8MNY   Feb 06
Re Digital ATV experience (DATV) G8MNY   Sep 19
S-Video pin-out connections      G8MNY
SCART Video Connections          G8MNY   Aug 06
Y Analogue SAT Rx bad for ATV    G8MNY   Feb 05

BROADCAST (some sent to BCAST)
1W @ 531kHz MW Station System    G8MNY   Sep 11
625 Line PAL Spec v Digital      G8MNY   Dec 07
A Quality Crystal Set            G8MNY   Apr 18
A TV masthead Preamp             G8MNY   Oct 07
AM Broadcast Radio Principles    G8MNY   Jan 10
AM TRF Radio                     G8MNY   Nov 08
Band 2 6el Broadband Yagi        G8MNY   Feb 13
Band 2 6el Narrowband Yagi       G8MNY   Feb 13
BBC Testcard F                   G1KQH   Apr 13
Coded Orthogonal Freq Div Mux    G8MNY   Nov 08
Digital TV so far    (to DIGTV)  G8MNY   Aug 07
Digital TV /P                    G8MNY   Feb 07
Ever Growing TV Adverts          G8MNY   Jan 09
FM Stereo Radio Principles       G8MNY   Dec 19
FM Stereo QRM                    G8MNY   Feb 16
HiFi Dynamic Noise Limiter       G8MNY   Mar 13
IR Remote control failures       G8MNY   Sep 12
Locking a Frequency with 555     G8MNY   Jan 16
Medium Wave Magnetic DF Loop     G8MNY   Apr 15
Mixer Eurorack1804X/ItMix PM184X G8MNY   Oct 18
MW Radio 1st stage               G8MNY   Dec 03
Odd Projection TV Fault          G8MNY   May 07
Realistic Pro2005/6 mods         G8MNY   Aug 20
Recording the whole LF + MF band G8MNY   Feb 10
SUSY RADIO @ 8 years             G8MNY   Nov 20   
VCR Triplexer to TV              G8MNY   Mar 06
VHF/UHF TVI Filter (As above)    G8MNY   Jan 05
Technics Rx ST-RT550             G8MNY   Jan 09
TV systems & displays (to HDTV)  G8MNY   Jan 09

CONNECTORS (Sent to IBM etc.)
25 Pin D-Type Parallel Port      G8MNY   May 04
Cables for Laplink, Fastlynx etc G8MNY
Common HTML color codes          I0OJJ   May 19
Diskette Drive Connector         G8MNY
Gameport/Joystick Connections    G8MNY
IBM Video Connections            G8MNY
IBM XT/AT Keyboard connections   G8MNY
ISA I/O card pin out             M1BYT
Mouse Connections                G8MNY   Dec 05
Serial Interface Connections     G8MNY   Mar 05
USB Connections                  G8MNY   Oct 07

Passive CW headphone filter      G8MNY   Mar 04
CW K Pip Tone unit               G8MNY   Jan 10
FT290 CW KOX Circuit             G8MNY   Feb 06
TS700G CW KOX add on unit        G8MNY   Sep 09

70-260V Mains Auto Transformer   G8MNY   Dec 12
APC Smart 900 UPS                G8MNY   Nov 07
Constant Voltage Transformers    G8MNY   Oct 07
Earths                           G8MNY   Nov 08
Economy Turn ON Timer            G8MNY   Nov 08
Essential Mains Changeover       G8MNY   Sep 13
Fairy Light Flasher              G8MNY   Feb 10
Fluorescent Lamp Circuits        G8MNY   Mar 08
LED as a mains NEON              G8MNY   Dec 05
Mains Power protector            G8MNY   Aug 07
Mains Plugtop Filter Adaptor     G8MNY   Aug 19
META HF Mellennium 810 UPS       G8MNY   Nov 12
Night Light Switch               G8MNY   Jan 16
Power Line Telecomm QRM          G8MNY   Jan 14
Saveplug Motor Economiser        G8MNY   Jan 13
SCR Drill Speed Controller       G8MNY   Feb 05
Small Alafontronica 500W UPS     G8MNY   May 16
Small Tripp-lite 300W UPS        G8MNY   Jul 17
Smart Meter Refusal              G8MNY   Jul 19
Soldering Iron Economiser/Boost  G8MNY   Dec 04
Thermostatic Iron Repair         G8MNY   Feb 21
Thermostatic Soldering Iron LED  G8MNY   Mar 11
TRIAC Light Dimmer               G8MNY   Aug 10
UK 13A Fused mains plug          G8MNY   Mar 08
Variacs                          G8MNY   Dec 07

A Simple V.O.X. Circuit          G8MNY   Sep 09
Another Mic Preamp               2E1ESY
Autocaller with old Maplin kit   G8MNY   Mar 17
Mic DJ Preamp                    G8MNY   Dec 12
Mic Preamps                      F5PBG   Oct 05
Phantom Balanced Mic Preamp      G8MNY   Nov 20
Phantom Bal Mic Preamp+Gum Mic   G8MNY   Jul 18
Simple mic clipper for MC60A     G8MNY   May 10
Ultra Low Noise Mic Pre-amp      G8MNY   Jun 21
Toggle PTT                       PA3BNX  Apr 06
Yaesu DTMF Mic YM-48             G8MNY   Nov 08

3 way supplies for radio etc.    G8MNY   May 05
BHI Noise Eliminating DSP LS     G8MNY   Dec 14
Comms Noise Squelch IC           G8MNY   Nov 09
CTCSS Project                    G4WGZ   Nov 16
FT290/690/790 DC power mod.      G8MNY   Feb 06
FT290/690/790 mk1 PLL Fault      G8MNY   Nov 09
IC 735 Battery Backup Mod        G8MNY   Jan 20
IC 735 No PA Bias Fault          G8MNY   Jan 20
IC 735 No RF Output Fault        G8MNY   Jan 19
Laptop HDD Repair                G8MNY   Feb 07
MSF Time Signal Clock Feed       G8MNY   Oct 08
PA instability in ICOM IC735     G8MNY   Apr 16
PA & PSU Fan Noise               G8MNY   May 15
Pac-Comm Tiny2 Battery Tale      G8MNY   Jan 08
TNC-PC Clock Basic program       G8MNY   Jul 11
PSK31 isolation interface        G8MNY   Nov 09
PALSTAR AT1500 ATU               G8MNY   Jal 19
Simple Carrier Squelch           G8MNY   Dec 19
Reducing Lamp surge              G8MNY   Sep 18
Variable Speed Fan for AF PA     G8MNY   Nov 08
Variable Speed Thermal Fan       G8MNY   Jul 15

2M 65W PA with 2x M6774H         G8MNY   Oct 14
4CX250B PA Regulated Supplies    G8MNY   Jan 21
4CX250B PA Timing & Control      G8MNY   Jan 21
ALC line for Drake L-4B PA       G8MNY   Feb 16
DC/RF Sensing PA Switching       G8MNY   Dec 03
Non relay instant RF Switching   G8MNY   Oct 05
Power Factor of Drake L-4B PA    G8MNY   Oct 10
PTT line for Drake 4B PA         G8MNY   Jul 07
Valve Heater delay Drake L-4B PA G8MNY   Dec 18
Transistor PA Biasing            G8MNY   May 17
T500 M 12V 500W HF Linear        G8MNY   Nov 20
Using 2 HF PAs                   G8MNY   Aug 13

/P & /M
12V Cow Fence for /P             G8MNY   Dec 03
12V Fluorescent Tube Fly Zapper  G8MNY   Jul 09
12V Fluorescent Tube Inverters  ZR6CPB & VK3EUB
12V RF immune AF Booster Amp     G8MNY   Mar 08
A light 17M /P Mast design       G8MNY   Sep 13
A Proper Portable Setup          G8MNY   Aug 08
Cheap Battery/12v LED Light      G8MNY   Aug 13
Delayed Interior Lamp            G8MNY   Jan 10
Fluorescent 12V Dimmers          G8MNY   Aug 06
GARMIN Nuvi 200 GPS              G8MNY   Jan 09
Gin polling up large masts       G8MNY   Jun 18
Hands Free Mobile Mic            G8MNY   Sep 17
LED Bike Light                   G8MNY   Jan 10
LED Lights                       DC0OS   Jul 12
Resistive Ignition Lead Repair   G8MNY   Jun 21 
Towing & Reversing Bleeper       G8MNY   Sep 08
Towing Socket for Caravans       G4VVQ   Jun 12
Vehicle Gutter /P Mast Support   G8MNY   Apr 05
Wheel Nuts                       G8MNY   May 20
Windup 8m Mast for /P            G8MNY   Nov 04
Windup Torch info                G8MNY   Dec 05

Car 12V Switch mode Adapters     G8MNY   Jan 08
1A Float/charge Pb Acid Batt     G8MNY   Oct 05
2nd Car Battery for /M & /P      G8MNY   Apr 08
7AH "F" NiCad Battery Pack       G8MNY   Apr 07
A battery Zapper by ON4CBL       ON4CBL  May 11
Auto SCR charger for Car Batts   G8MNY   Mar 13
Car Alternators                  G8MNY   Sep 09
Cheaper Generators (EU only)     G8MNY   Dec 07
DC Power Conversion              G8MNY   Mar 13
Diesel Generators                G8MNY   Aug 13
DURITC 1kW 230V Inverter/UPS     G8MNY   Jan 13
HONDA Generator EX500 info       G8MNY   Aug 08
Inverter Petrol Generators       G8MNY   Jan 14
Lead Acid Batteries              G8MNY   Feb 10
NORTHERN 650W 2 Stroke Genny     G8MNY   Sep 15
MEDUSA SIP2300 Generator Info    G8MNY   Jul 13
MEDUSA SIP2300 Generator Repairs G8MNY   Jul 21
NISSAN Generator GL600 info      G8MNY   Jun 09
Old Car Dynamos                  G8MNY   Sep 09
PERFORMANCE POWER 1kW Genny      G8MNY   Sep 21
Petrol Generators for /P SSB 1   G8MNY   Jan 09
Petrol Generators for /P SSB 2   G8MNY   Jan 09
Power Devil Drill Charger        G8MNY   Jun 20
Recovering OLD NICAD/NMHI Cells  G8MNY   Feb 04
Regulating 12V Genny O/P         G8MNY   Jun 06
Simple SCR Regulated Charger     G8MNY   May 13

0-35V 0-5A Lab PSU CS FL-305     G8MNY   Nov 19
12V System Surge protection      G8MNY   Nov 03
A Common High Current PSU        G8MNY   Dec 12
A Common UA723 PSU               G8MNY   Apr 09
Adjusting 78xx/79xx Regulators   G8MNY   Feb 05
Battery Backup PSU               G8MNY   Sep 07
BNOS 12A 13.8V PSU               G8MNY   Dec 12
Chopper Regulators               G8MNY   Jul 11
DEL A870P7 SMPSU 12V 70A         G8MNY   Jan 21    
DEL 7000815 SMPSU 12V 75A Mods   G8MNY   Jun 16
DRAE 24A 13.5V PSU               G8MNY   Dec 09
High AMP Crowbar Protected PSU   G8MNY   Sep 08
Lab PSU                          ZR6CPB
Low Voltage Drop PS              G8MNY   Jan 13
Palstar PS06 6A PSU              G8MNY   May 13
Plug Top PS charge indicator     G8MNY   Jan 21 
Reactance Controlled SM PSU      G8MNY   Sep 13
Reforming Caps                   G8MNY   May 15
Regulating a Plug Top PS         G8MNY   Nov 19
Simple 20A PS                    G8MNY   Sep 11
Simple Variable PSU              G8MNY   Nov 06
Splitting a floating PSU         G8MNY   Aug 06
Stopping HF Tx/Rx SMPSU QRM      G8MNY   Jul 06
Switch mode PS Principles        G8MNY   Dec 06

3 Rs Physics Problem (Answers) DK2ZA/MNY Dec 19
88mH Coils, Explained!           G8MNY   Dec 07
AC Theory                        G8MNY   Mar 08
AC 3 Phase Power                 G8MNY   Aug 08
AF Standing Waves                G8MNY   Apr 17
ASCII table for diagrams         G8MNY   Aug 11
Actual Antenna SWR               LZ1LEN
An AF amplifier stage            G8MNY   Dec 04
A ton per cell battery           G8MNY   Nov 08
Bad SMPU Design                  G8MNY   Sep 08
Calibrating Frequency            G8MNY   Jun 20
Christmas mains light chains     G8MNY   Dec 06
Coax Faulting                    G8MNY   Aug 10
Coax Feeder Tests                G8MNY   Feb 11
Common HTML color codes          I0OJJ   May 19
CW/SSB Frequency                 G8MNY   Sep 13
Darlington & Quasi Darlington    G8MNY   May 06
dBW & dB Levels                  G8MNY   Jun 16
DC current sources for coax/AF   G8MNY   May 09
dBW & dB Levels                  G8MNY   Oct 04
Decoding BBS Data Files          G8MNY   Oct 15
Driving Inductive Loads          G8MNY   Aug 13
Dual phase AF AMP explained      G8MNY   May 06
Faulting Tips                    G8MNY   Sep 17
Ferrite Ring Demo circuit        G8MNY   Apr 10
Flashing LED lamp driver         G8MNY   Jan 14
FM Deviation Calibration         G8MNY   Feb 20
Infra Red Camera Trick           G8MNY   Mar 15
Kelvin Varley Voltage Divider    G8MNY   Nov 07
Laptop Fluorescent Tube Circuit  G8MNY   Nov 06
Light Levels                     G8MNY   Mar 04
LM380/TDA2003 IC Audio Amps  VE2ACT/G8MNYMar 06
LS Protection                    G8MNY   Dec 08
Making ASCII Diagrams            G8MNY   Jan 09
Measuring Motor Efficiency       G8MNY   Feb 09
Microwave Ovens                  G8MNY   Dec 08
Mobile Mast Madness              G8MNY   Aug 07
Modem Bauds & Bits               G8MNY   Jan 21
Mono Stable Revisited            G8MNY   Sep 18
Musical Scales                   G8MNY   Apr 10
My Home HF Setup                 G8MNY   May 21
Odd Resistance Finder            G8MNY   Nov 07
Old Valve Radios                 G8MNY   Nov 09
PL259 Losses                     G8MNY+  Apr 11
Q Codes                          G8MNY   Apr 09
QRO v QRP                        G8MNY   Jul 20
Reducing Electronic RF QRM       G8MNY   Feb 21
Re: regular packeteers on air    G8MNY   Nov 20 
RF Modules List               G8MNY/DJ6VIApr 06
RF Signal Calculations           G8MNY   Sep 08
Rig DC Power & RF Hazards        G8MNY   Feb 12
Scope RF Trick                   G8MNY   Apr 11
Simple 80m VFO                   G8MNY   Jul 20
Sound Levels, dBA dBB & dBC      G8MNY   Jan 06
Spectrum Harmonics Demo circuit  G8MNY   May 09
Spectrum IF Demo circuit         G8MNY   Feb 10
SSB Demo Circuit                 G8MNY   Dec 04
Technical Bul Feedback & DEAD    G8MNY   Dec 10
Transistors, SCRs & TRIACs       G8MNY   Feb 10
Tuned Circuit Scope Demo         G8MNY   Jan 10
Understanding Multipath          G8MNY   Feb 06
Understanding Transformers       G8MNY   Aug 15
Unijunction Transistor Circuit   G8MNY   Apr 18
Unit Madness                     G8MNY   Aug 12
Valves (Tubes)                   G8MNY   Sep 16
Variable RF Attenuator           G8MNY   Mar 10
Voltage Dependant Resistors      G8MNY   Dec 07
What is Multiplexing             G8MNY   Dec 08
Wire & Form Tapping out          G8MNY   Aug 07
Wire Conversion table            HB9ABX  Dec 05
Xerox Principles                 G8MNY   Dec 04
Yet More IF Filters              G3YRH   Dec 02
Y Extended ASCII Graphics        G8MNY   Jan 14

198kHz Off Air Standard          G8MNY   Nov 16
A 2 Tone AF Test Osc Design      G8MNY   Jan 16
A Homebrew HF SWR Bridge         G8MNY   May 09
AF Noise Generator               G8MNY   Apr 17
AF Waveform Generator            G8MNY   Dec 20
A Homebrew UHF SWR Bridge        G8MNY   May 09
AKD's VHF/UHF Wavemeter WA1      G8MNY   May 05
A Simple Telephone Tester        G8MNY   Sep 15
A Versatile Pulse Tester         G8MNY   Oct 07
Analyser Takeda Riken TR4122B    G8MNY   Jan 21
BURNS's MF-UHF Wavemeter TC-101  G8MNY   Sep 12
Car Dwell Angle & RPM Meter      G8MNY   Jan 09
Clip on QRM Probe                G8MNY   Nov 19
Coax Tester                      G3YRH   Jun 06
Comparing Off Air Freq Standards G8MNY   Jan 15
Crystal Drift Compensation       G8MNY   Jan 08
Dip Oscillator                   G8MNY   Nov 07
Drake WH7 QRO SWR bridge         G8MNY   Nov 06
DYMAR Mod Meter Type 1785        G8MNY   Mar 08
Eagle DB120 sound meter          G8MNY   Feb 16
Early AVO valve tester           G8MNY   May 17
EdgcumePeebles Earthe Loop Z     G8MNY   Jan 08
EdgcumePeebles Megger & Low R    G8MNY   Jan 07
FeelTeck Dual DDS Osc FY6600-60M G8MNY   Jun 21
High Voltage Probe               G8MNY   Feb 17
Homebrew Testgear                G8MNY   Dec 19
Lab Breadboard                   G8MNY   Nov 20
Lab Measuring DMM                G8MNY   Feb 16
Lafayete 57 Range Mulitmeter     G8MNY   Jul 12
LED Test Screwdriver             G8MNY   Nov 07
Logic Probe                      G8MNY   Feb 07
Mains Peak/RMS/Mean Meter        G8MNY   Dec 04
Maplins Mains Meter 2000MU       G8MNY   Mar 10
Maplin 13A Socket Mains Tester   G8MNY   Mar 20
Marconi Distortion Meter TF2337  G8MNY   Sep 16
Marconi Counter Type 2434A       G8MNY   Nov 20
Marconi 2019A Sig Gen            G8MNY   Nov 19
Marconi 2331A Distortion Factor  G8MNY   Jan 21
Measuring 1 of 3 Rs              G8MNY   Mar 06
Meter Damping & Speed Up         G8MNY   Jan 06
Meter Movement Types             G8MNY   Jan 14
Off Air Lock for Ref Osc.        G8MNY   Jan 15
Old Venner Counter Type TSA3334  G8MNY   Feb 11
Oscilloscopes                    G8MNY   Aug 12
PEP Meter modification           G8MNY   Aug 07
PIC Freq Counter Mods            G8MNY   Feb 09
Piston Absorption Wavemeter      G8MNY   Mar 06
Portable Appliance Testing       G8MNY   Jun 09
QRO 1kW HF Metered Dummy Load    G8MNY   Dec 12
QRO Dummy Loads                  G8MNY   Jul 09
QRP Power Meter & Dummy Load     G8MNY   Feb 07
QRP SWR Bridge                   G8MNY   May 09
Reaction Timer                   G8MNY   Jun 05
RF Field Indicator FL-30AH       G8MNY   Mar 09
RF Noise Bridge for LF, MF, & HF G8MNY   Sep 09
RTT Comms Test Set               G8MNY   Apr 21
RTT Comms Test Set Use           G8MNY   Mar 21
RTT Automatic Mod Meter          G8MNY   Jan 15
Scope & DMM Calibrator           G8MNY   May 17
Scope Probes                     G8MNY   Jul 20
Simple AF Test Osc               G8MNY   Nov 06
Simple Crystal Oven              G8MNY   Nov 08
Simple PIV Test Circuit          G8MNY   Nov 19
Spectrum Analyser Mods 88-89     G8MNY   Sep 20
Analyser SWIRES RESEARCH SA87    G8MNY   Jan 21
Systron Donner 115 Pulse Gen     G8MNY   Aug 20
Systron Donner 1702 Sig Gen      G8MNY   Nov 17
VHF Test Oscillator              G8MNY   Jan 16
Voltage Indicator Screwdriver    G8MNY   Aug 07
Watson 'Hunter' Counter Mods     G8MNY   Nov 16

If you like reading these buls please send a reply, any comments/updates

Copyright is waved for all my buls, as they are for the benefit for all, but
please leave the callsign on the work if you publish or refure it elsewhere.

Many of these buls, have been repeated on club websites (e.g. in Spanish) & in
far less efficient formats like PDF, BMP, PCX, GIF, JPG. (not really suited to
packet) For PDFs see or do a search on G8MNY. But the
purpose of them is to improve the content of Packet Radio!

Try writing your own buls & make packet radio more interesting! See my "Making
ASCII diagrams" bul on how to do it.

If you have problems viewing or printing the 8 bit ASCII Graphics, see my bul
"Y Extended ASCII Graphics" for compatibility solutions on most platforms.

Why Don't U send an interesting bul?

73 de John G8MNY @ GB7CIP

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