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G8MNY  > TECHNI   07.10.21 11:20l 130 Lines 6174 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : 48823_GB7CIP
Subj: GARMIN Nuvi 200 GPS
Sent: 211007/0914Z @:GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO #:48823 [Caterham Surrey GBR]

By G8MNY                                    (Updated Jan 09)
(8 Bit ASCII graphics use code page 437 or 850, Terminal Font)

I have had one of these cheap GPSa nearly a year now. The boot up time quite
slow @ 20s, & very slow to find satellites on the move 5 mins. Sensitivity
seems fine with some indoor working after a while finding weak satellites. GPS
uses PSK with Rx bandwidth of 20MHz using P-Code or 2MHz with C/A code, on
1227.60MHz L1 Band or 1575.42MHz L2 Band. Mine did not like QRM signals between
1566-1592MHz so must be using L2 band.

         Rear internal aerial
     │ ┌───────────────────────┐ │ Touch sensitive screen, press an area icon
     │ │.-~         [▒▒▒▒]12:00│ │ & it goes there. On maps you can move the
 Side│ │sig        batt______  │ │ whole map, change scale 24 times. Detail
 Card│ │  /~~\        │      │ │ │ information for UK only, EU has main roads
 Slot│ │ │    │_      │      │ │ │ mainly & only major roads further away.
     │ │  \__/'-:-    │______│ │ │
     │ │ Where to?    View Map │ │ On power up you get an optional password,
 Rear│ │              ┌───┬───┐│ │ then a safety message & then this menu.
 Mini│ │              │___│___││ │
 USB │ └───────────────────────┘ │ Mounted with a Window sticker clip the holds
      \GARMIN vŘvi    Tools LS  /  the GPS but allows easy GPS removal.
  Address: England or Spell Country
           │         └Enter House No,Street   > Found Options\_Back/Map/Save
           └SpellCity/Postcode or Search All > Found Options/

  Food Hotels: Spell, Food, Fuel, Transit, Lodging, Shopping, Bank, Parking,
               Entertain, Recreation, Attractions, Hospitals, Community, Motor
               (Extensive database including Address & tel no etc.)

  Recently Found: lists last few found sites> Back/Clear.

  Favourites: List stored Favourites in nearest order.

  Extras: Any loaded programs such as Points Of Interest files.

  Intersections: Junctions addressed by postcodes as Addresses

  Cities: Quick list of Nearby or Spell > Back,Map,Save.

  Browse Map: Shows Map> Back, Save, Go.

  Coordinates: Input Grid Ref> Back,Format,Next> Back,Map,Save. (no NGR!)
               To read coordinates of the map somewhere other than where you
               are, you need to set the GPS simulator ON (tools), go there on
               the map press SET LOC & then go to the Coordinates option.
  Gives map & Ready to Navigate or Searching Sat.
               Menu returns to start Menu.
               Speed> Heading, Speed, Max & Mean, Time & Stopped >Back,Resets
               Driving> Next road instruction info.

  The default UK map also includes much of Ireland & the near coast of EU with
  less detail to the trunk routes as you get inland. Other continents include
  country/state outline only. Other maps can bought on line & downloaded.

   Settings: System: GPS Sim> on/off, Use> Mobile/Bike/Ped, Units> Mile/km.
             Security:Lock> Off/On+Pin+Loc, Safe> On/Off.
             Time: Format> 24/12/UTC, Zone> 55 Zones, Daylight> Auto/on/off.
             Language: Voice/Text/Keyboard > 40 languages
             Display: Col Mode>day/night/auto, Shot>on/off,Bright>10x 10%
             Map: Detail> 6 levels, View> 3 types, Vehicle> 3 types.
             Proximity:  On/off

   Help: To, Map, Tools, Trouble, General, Shortcut, Settings.

   Picture Viewer: comes with 9 Jpeg pictures, 1 can be start up picture.

   Calculator: Basic calculator

   Currency Converter: 175 currencies conversions, but only via $ rates.

   Unit Converter: Area,Distance,Speed,Temp,Volume,Weight, in most units

   World Clock: GPS clock time & Date & 3 time zones> 45 options/zone, & also
                 World Daylight Map.

SPEAKER: 10x 1O% levels & mute. Quite sharp sound, I found it very loud in a
large VAN, but it seems much quieter in a car, where the loudest setting may be

12V Car Adaptor is to 5V @ 1A at the 5 pin mini USB plug. Be warned using the
wrong rated adaptor (less than 1A) can result in a totally fried GPS I have
seen one of those! So fuse the 12V SM adaptor @ 0.5A to be safe!

The USB socket is also what you need to do backups & downloads of new files
etc. a modern PC/MAC see it as 2 more drives, the GPS itself & the sim card.
I interface with Win98se PC with updated driver, & use the sim card veiwer for
diplaying pictures etc.

A friend has put in mine all the UK repeater sites as a POI file, & all the
Sainsbury's (not included in the database).

  I did find the map speed (where you are) is spot on for the navigate mode.
  but slightly late (has to catch up) in the normal map mode & can be off the
  road if there are any Rx errors. The next road instruction button is useful,
  if you did not hear it well, or you have time to hear the next few well
  before you need to. I did find the time to reached destination very useful, &
  the accuracy of the destination generally excellent (right outside), but not
  always, as occasionally it proportions house positions that are not known.
  Using it as a car finder (save location on parking & take it with you), is
  also good if you are often parking in a maze of small roads.

  The brilliance is excellent if no direct sunlight is on the screen, & the
  automatic nighttime setting just reverses any white areas to black, & keeps
  the map detail the same. I put a stick on screen guard over mine as this
  should give the delicate touch screen a longer life.

  On battery mode you get up to 5 hours, but that depends on brilliance setting
  & if the battery charge indicator is truly in sync with the battery status!

  If you turn it off while it is navigating a journey (e.g. low on battery) it
  restarts the same navigation quickly working out where it is on that route
  you are. (unlike Sat search delay if you power it up cold on the move!)

Why Don't U send an interesting bul?

73 De John, G8MNY @ GB7CIP

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