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Subj: Re: TTN - TheThingsNetwork - Any ham operator using it too?
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I've gotten as far as purchasing one of the Mikrotik LoraWAN gateways
and registering it with TTN:

Mikrotik RBwAPR-2nD&R11e-LR9

The nice thing about the LR9 is that it suppots both an internal low gain
900MHz antenna as well as an external antenna, so I've got both options
depending on where I end up eventually mounting it. I was also able to use
the 2.4GHz radio in it to connect it to my network, so while I'm injecting
power to it over the Ethernet port, I don't need to run an Ethernet cable
all the way back from my gateway to the rest of my network; it's just hanging
off my wifi.

As far as LoraWAN clients, I've bought one of the Adafruit M0 LORA boards,
but I've only gotten as far as a hello world TTN appliction with it, where
it beacons a counter to the TTN over LORA, and I can send it back messages
from the TTN web interface to toggle an LED on and off. Lots of neat
potential here, once I ever find the time to really play with it.

Kenneth, W6KWF


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