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Subj: TTN - TheThingsNetwork - Any ham operator using it too?
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Hi Everyone,

Since the ham community is about technology and radio I was wondering who of you is also using TheThingsNetwork for IoT devices?

I'm participating in the network since the start and have a TTN Gateway running based on a Raspberry Pi and IMST ic880a LoRa board.
This weekend I've update the gateway by replacing the Raspberry Pi (1) with a Raspberry Pi 3B+.
Now the gateway is able to easily run the TTN v3 Stack which I deployed using

I use the TTN network to receive IoT data from 2 temperature sensors which measure the surface and bottom water temperature in the water behind my house.
Next to this I have a self made weather station measuring temperature, humidity and air pressure. (broken at the moment, humidity sensors cannot handle... humidity ;-).

The gateway is located inside in my addict, covering 2-3 km over the graslands and way less towards the city. 

73 Alexander.
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