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Subj: Re: How are you using APRS besides tracking cars?
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LOL ;-)

But seriously. In the province Groningen, in the northern part of the Netherlands, people suffer from earth quakes caused by the gas extraction from the ground.
I remember that years ago I was on some kind of presentation where they explained they used old phones that include a gyroscope to do their own measurements. 
There were only limited official measurements, but now anybody with a cheap (obsolete) phone was able to measure the earthquakes.. 
With many measurement points they were able to collect much better data.

So your remark reminded me of this. I hope you don't have earthquakes, but if your house would not be perfectly stationary, this could be an idea ;-).
In the netherlands the ground is not always rock solid, depending on where you live. If a big truck or bus drives by, the house starts shaking. Another purpose of a gyroscope and APRS maybe.

(luckily I don't have trucks in the street, nor earthquakes (touch wood)).

Best Regards

Quoting from a previous message...

> It would be cool if APRS showed minor shifting of the foundation :)
> But true, my house is stationary.
> Maiko
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> > On 9/22/21 22:04, PD1AS wrote:
> >
> >> How are you using APRS besides tracking the location of your car or the location of your (probably stationary) house?
> > When I travel abroad I bring my APRS gear with me and transmit my
> > beacons from there. It is also interesting to get local information on
> > the map when you are in an unknown area.
> >

73 Alexander. PD1AS
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