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BID : 27544_NS2B
Subj: PCL Packet Net Summary for October 11, 2021
Sent: 211012/0031Z 27544@NS2B.#WNY.NY.USA.NOAM BPQ6.0.22

>From Mon Oct 11 20:44:20 2021
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	id AA248967 ; Mon, 11 Oct 2021 20:44:20 EDT
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>From: ns2b@ns2b.#wny.ny.usa.noam
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PCL Packet Net Summary for October 11, 2021


NS2B	Bob	Penfield, NY	(nco)
WX4QZ	Daryl	Little Rock, AR	(courtesy checkin)
VA7RBP	Rick	Castlegar, BC	(early checkin)
NT5R	Charley	Reeds Spring, MO
KF5TVG	Bob	Broken Arrow, OK


NT5R   Charley :
ok Android term program here on cell phone
good week and especially weekend
hamfest Joplin Mo Saturday, 91d f, my kind of weather, beautiful day, sold some silent key stuff and
gave away bunch of stuff
know several Joplin hams so good visit
one fellow from Branson clun beside me
he had collection of old Heathkit stuff
not sure if he sold anything but interesting to look at
weather changed quickly, wind during night, one antenna blown down
after 80s f low 60s today and light rain, forecast mid 40s tonight
no mi gusta
so btu Bob no chicken lip ^^^

KF5TVG Bob : 
Sorry I'm late. Good to see you and Charley hanging here!
Glad to see the node back up. I'm in Norman, OK for a few weeks
looking after grandkids. Today was my 71st loop around
the sun, and I'm starting to feel it.
Decided to grow a beard for the first time ever. I'm
4 weeks into it, and it finally is starting to "not itch".
Don't have anything to report on the radio front. I'm glad
I'm not trying to raise kids full time in today's world.
There are a zillion activities that parents seem to think
their kids must be signed up for. 
Anyhow, don't have anything else to add for this week. Hope
you guys are doing well! BTU Bob>>>

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