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PCL Net Scribe for Oct. 4, 2021

WX4QZ, Daryl, Arkansas (Net Control And Scribe)
NS2B, Bob, New York (Sysop)
KF5TVG, Bob, Oklahoma (Early Checkin)
VA7RBP, Rick, Canada (Early Checkin)



I have a lot to cover tonight, so bear with me.

While next Monday is the Columbus Day holiday in
the US, and the Thanksgiving Holiday in Canada, the
net will still meet next week...but I may be QRT
for weather. I do know we won't meet the weeks of 
Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years...the latter 
two are on Saturday this year. Just over 80 days 
until Christmas...better get that shopping done, 
although prices may be much higher for goodies 
this year.

I'm glad to see the NS2B BBS back up. Bob, just 
because my system crapped out, didn't mean that
yours had to as well (hi hi). I had to reinstall
Windows 10 and rebuild the registry to get the
BlueDV program working again with D-Star. Also,
the problem with the maps and OpenWeather API's
with D-Rats finally got solved...had to change
the URL's to http -- and the city to lower case.

Last Saturday evening, thunderstorms set up along
a boundary from just northwest to north to northeast
of downtown Little Rock, dumping 3 to 10 inches of
rain. Numerous areas of flooding, road closures, and
water rescues were the result. I think around 1 to 2
inches of rain fell here.

Another T-Mobile Samsung phone won't hold a charge
(battery issues). I had thought I had arranged for
an insurance exchange with them, but the agent at
the shop wouldn't do it. So, this week, I'm calling
T-Mobile, and cancelling the service, and telling
them I'll pay the balance off as I can, but for them
to kill the phone line. That leaves me with Verizon.

My bank debit card expires next month, but they won't
issue a new one until mid-November. Several of my bills
use that, but I can't do anything until the bank does.

Rumors are swirling that Facebook and Instagram got
hacked today, as they were offline for much of the
day, prior to a Senate hearing...sounds like sabotage
to me. No great loss for me...I use it mainly for my
ham radio nets. I'm just on Facebook, but it's still
down as of a few minutes ago. I'm sure some folks are
just basket cases right now.

I see the cardiologist on Wednesday to discuss the 
need for a possible ablation procedure. If it's done, 
it'll likely require an overnight hospital stay, but
it may allow me to get off of the blood thinners. I've
had my flu shot and both COVID-19 shots.

I finally cleared all the junk they had put in the
Jacuzzi area, but I need to bleach it out, and let
it soak, before rinsing it down. I may do it later in 
the week, when I can open the window in the bathroom, 
and there's no threat of rain. Some storms Tuesday 
through Wednesday may produce marginally severe hail.
I'll just be glad when cooler weather is here to stay.

The Postal Service now says First Class Postage will
take a minimum of 5 days to deliver (likely more).
Plus, they're increasing rates (especially for the
holiday mailings), from now into next year. And, they
wonder why folks are going to email, FedEx, UPS, DHL,
etc. I just do eQSL's now...and print eyeball QSO card
deals with Business Card software.

The URL for my Excel Spreadsheets of selected D-Star,
Echolink, and D-Rats nets (plus PDF files related to
ham radio), has CHANGED -- see my QRZ bio for details.

The Time Change back to Standard Time will occur on
Sunday, Nov. 7, at 2am local time. For those stations
in Arizona, or on UTC Time, this net (and most others)
will be one hour later at that point, until early
March, 2022. However, for all other stations, the net
times won't change.


Thanks Daryl!  Yeah things have pretty much settled down 

At the same time the node died - had a query from England 
about linking up with them. So when the node came back online,
I did. So we now have a link into England - I know it's late 
over there, but it's possible we could have some of them to 
join us sometime.

Speaking of Covid shots - I got my booster the other day 
(Thursday specifically), and as predicted, had a similar 
reaction to the 2nd shot - feverish and flu like - although 
not as strong as the 2nd shot.

I heard that about the post office slowing down their mail. 
Are they having similar issues as a lot of NY hospitals? 
People quitting because they're compelled to get covid 

Glad to hear you got your D-Star running. I don't talk much 
on my radios but I listen to them a LOT! I'd miss those 
badly if they quit working on me.


Bob, glad to hear about the link into England.

As for the COVID-19 booster, I'm not yet qualified for it,
although my cardiologist may say otherwise. But, it has only
been 5 months since I had my second shot.

As for the Postal Service, I think they're laying off folks
so they have money to pay out the huge retirement benefits.

I'm only on the air for nets that I run, and rarely just for
a regular net checkin. It's too much of a madhouse, otherwise.
At least this net is rather casual and laid back.


Our world certainly seems to have been messed up do to Covid -
government budgets, and anything else that can go wrong

You may be right about shipping your Christmas presents now 
if you want them to get there in time! And, for that matter, 
if you wait too long - what you want to buy for Christmas 
may not be in stock!


Daryl, WX4QZ

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