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PA2SNK > TNC2     23.12.20 02:40l 34 Lines 1100 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : 4948_PA2SNK
Subj: Problems with (bpq)kiss
Sent: 201223/0040Z 64223@PI8SNK.#FRL.NLD.EURO [SNEEK/SNITS] FBB7.01.35 alpha
To  : TNC2@WW

# Generated by: TstHWin v2.21b - Registered to PA2SNK
# On : 23-12-2020 01:40:42
# UTC: 23-12-2020 00:40:42

i'm running in problems here using bpqkiss.
about after a minute the tx signal is not decoded anymore by other

First thougt it is the tnc used, tryed several tnc modems all the same.
I'm thinking bad eprom but using (bpq)kiss the eprom only tells the tnc to
get into kiss or am i wrong ?

i'm using bpqkiss firmware with bpq32 at the moment to achieve better
troughput on the vhf channel here.
now switched back to the tnc3s and plain kiss.

                                о     о
                                о     о
                               ооо   ооо
                              оооо   оооо
                            оооооо   оооооо
                             оо  ооооо  оо
                             о    ооо    о
                           ооооооо   ооооооо
                         оооооооо     оооооооо
                   PA2SNK te Sneek/Snits (Friesland)

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