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Subj: VK7 Amateur Radio News 21Nov21
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VK7 Amateur Radio News 21Nov21

Text edition: 


FOR SUNDAY 21st November 2021


Welcome to the VK7 Amateur Radio News for the 21st November 2021. At the mike of VK7WI this week is Justin, VK7TW.

This broadcast goes out on repeaters all over VK7 and on digital radio - DMR Talk Group 5 and D-Star Reflector 91C by VK7ZCR.

We also go out on medium and high frequency courtesy of the following rebroadcast stations:

On 1.862 MHz by Graham VK7GS

On 3.670 MHz by Dale, VK7DG

On 7.140 MHz by Peter, VK7TPE

On 14.130 MHz by Ross, VK7ALH and 

On 28.525 MHz by Garry, VK7JGD

You can hear this broadcast again on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RAA in Northern VK7 and VK7RTC in Southern VK7.


VK Flora & Fauna News

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th November 2021 is the annual VKFF Activation weekend. The aim is simple! Head out to a local National Park or Reserve, setup a portable station and enjoy the fresh air whilst making some contacts.

This is not a contest and at last count there were 33 Amateurs planning to activate 75 parks around the country with all states participating.

If you plan on participating, please register your interest to Paul (VK5PAS) via his email simmopa(at) and more information can be found at the website.

If you have any questions or would like some assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me Andrew (VK7DW) via email VK7DW(at)

I look forward to hearing you on the air.

73, Andrew VK7DW.


Contest News
WIA Spring VHF / UHF Field Day

Well, it’s that time of the year approaching once more, yes it's almost time for the WIA Spring VHF / UHF Field Day. This year the field day will be from 01:00 UTC on Saturday 27th November through to 00:59 UTC on Sunday the 28th November. There are many categories to participate in to suit all. There are sections for either 24 Hours, 8 Hours, Rover and Home station. This is a VHF and up field day so from 6M up to very high frequency microwave bands. There are categories for just 1 band, 4 Bands or all of the VHF / UHF bands.

You don’t have to go portable of course, if you can help support the special kind of weirdo operators that pack heaps of equipment into a vehicle and head off to some place to spend some time making as many contacts as possible that would be appreciated by them I’m sure.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get out and about and play some radio, so why not test out your portable station you may be very surprised at the results.

Logging is performed with 1 of the many fantastic programs that are available on the web. VKCL has been used by many and with its ability to interface to the radio with omnirig this can help eliminate logging errors.

To enable scoring the distances are calculated using 6 digit maidenhead locators. Many of the current phone apps will determine your current locator and with this entered into the logging software your distances and scores will be calculated. Go ahead and download a copy of one of the logging programs and have a bit of a play to become familiar with its functions and even have a bit of a test log / contest to be all over options.

There will be activity on the usual VHF and above.frequencies including 52.525 FM, 146.500 FM, 439.000 FM, 1296.150 FM, 2403.150, 3398.150 and 10,368.150 So keep an ear out.

It would be great to hear as many locals as possible come up and make a few contacts, there is a repeat time of 2 hours too so plenty of opportunities to come up and give out some numbers.

73, Richard, VK7ZBX


QSL News
Report - from Herman VK7HW Manager of the WIA VK7 Inwards QSL Bureau

The current list of QSL Cards held as at 19 November is in the email version of the broadcast.

If you have recently upgraded and/or changed your callsign please contact Herman to advise him  of your old and new callsigns.

Thank you to those amateurs who have already been in touch advising me of new calls and SK information.

73, Herman, VK7HW, WIA Manager VK7 Inwards QSL Bureau


VK7 Inwards QSL Cards held as at 19 November 2021










JA, JB, JJ (for new CH?), JP, JW













NTARC Club Rooms -



Broadcast News
160m Frequency Change

Please note that the 160m rebroadcast of the WIA National News and VK7 Amateur Radio News broadcasts on 160 metres by Graham VK7GS is changing frequency.

It was originally on 1.865MHz and is moving down slightly to 1.862MHz.

This is to avoid AM Broadcast station intermods.

A huge thank you to Graham for this rebroadcast each Sunday from Mt Roland in the North West of VK7.

73, VK7 ARNews Team


North West Tasmania Amateur Radio Club next Meeting

The next club meeting will be commencing at 1.30pm on the 4th December  at our usual venue, the Scout hall, 73 Alexander Road, Ulverstone. afternoon tea will also be held.

Members are encouraged to bring items for show & tell, and club rooms are open till 6pm for members to socialise.

A small plate of afternoon tea that has been commercially produced would be appreciated, We have single packaged Tea, Coffee and Sugar and disposable cups for members and guests,. Visitors are most welcome to attend. And don’t forget to use the QR code check-in on entry

If you have any cold or flu symptoms , or are unwell , or been in contact with a confirmed COVID case, then do not attend the meeting, please note the new meeting start time from now on is 1.30pm

Christmas Outing

The NWTARC Committee wish to advise the Club will have a Christmas outing, commencing at midday on Saturday the 27th November. This will be held at Legions Park on the Esplanade West Ulverstone, the Park has undercover BBQ, toilets, children’s playground, and is beside the Leven river.

It is a BYO affair, weather permitting, we hope to setup for HF activity in the afternoon that members can take advantage of. Family and friends are welcome to attend, please RSVP to the Secretary Anne VK7BYL  asap re your attendance.

73, Eric VK7EV, News Officer



The Summits On The Air/World Wide Flora and Fauna parks group is now meeting twice weekly – Mondays and Fridays 10.30AM till 12.00 at the Glebe Gardens Cafe, Henry Street, Launceston. 

For more information contact Al on 0417 354 410.

73, Al, VK7AN


Northern Tasmanian Amateur Radio Club Incorporated

We begin this week with a report in relation to NTARCs involvement at the Equine Endurance ride held at Merseylea last weekend. The update is courtesy of Roger VK7ARN and he tells us;

NTARC provided safety and rider progress communications at the 2021 Tasmanian equine endurance State Championships, based at Merseylea near Railton in the North West. This was a multi-day support effort, with low resources. Preparatory work included gathering information on the tracks, checkpoint locations, timing and entries. From this, possible repeater sites were identified, equipment set up and made ready for transport and the deployment of scarce manpower planned. A second site visit, to transport the base trailer and equipment, also included setting up the repeaters, at the excellent site identified via software, followed by checks from each checkpoint to test communications. 

The next visit was for the final set up and the event itself. André VK7ZAB, Stefan VK7ZSB and Peter VK7KPC arrived on site on the Friday afternoon and worked without a break for over twenty-four hours. André manned the Base and Stefan the second checkpoint, which was active until late in the day. Peter VK7KPC worked Checkpoint One overnight. Roger VK7ARN started early in the morning at the checkpoint on Leg 3 and Idris VK7ZIR at the checkpoint 5 kilometres out on the riders’ return to Base. Voice and data communications worked throughout, other than a short delay in getting up and running on Leg 3, which turned out to be due to a detached connector between the radio and TNC in the RF reader set, probably due to the rough access track to approach the checkpoint.

The fourth and final visit on the Sunday, by Idris, Andre’ and Stefan was to retrieve the repeaters, pack up and return the trailer and gear to Launceston.ö

Thanks to Roger for ride report and radio survey work. Also we like to thank Ian VK7IG and Bernie VK7BR for volunteering but they couldn’t attend as their vehicles would have got bogged at the water logged ride base. 

A fantastic effort by the NTARC Safety Communications crew to cover a long period of time monitoring horses and riders with a limited number of people on the ground.

We now hand over to Idris VK7ZIR to provide you with the happenings of Wednesday night at the Club;

“Our first show and tell this evening was from Peter VK7KPC’s military radio collection and it was a Pye Crystal Calibrator Number 10, which was designed primarily for setting up a British Army HF wireless set Number 62 accurately, on a required spot frequency. The Calibrator functions as a CW wavemeter with continuous coverage over a nominal frequency band of 1.5 MHz to 10 MHz. The calibrator is powered from the number 62 wireless set and is housed in a metal case with waterproof gaskets to permit the equipment to be used under extreme conditions.  The item was in excellent condition and Peter removed the case so we could inspect the internals. He also brought in a field antenna base with accompanying antenna, which was telescopic with markings to indicate how far to extend for a specific frequency. Thanks Peter. 

Next were items from Ross VK7ALH’s voluminous collection and he explained this item was found “under the benchö! It was a Ediswan transmitter triode, type E.S.G. 250, which Ross informed us indicated 250 Watts RF. Amazingly, this vacuum tube was still in its original timber transport frame and was huge, standing at least 500mm high. With no socket, the valve was designed to be hard wired in position as part of broadcasting equipment. Ross also had a vintage University RF Oscillator in top condition which he still uses for his servicing. Thanks Ross.

Stuart VK7ES came with his Loop Antenna automated matcher PCB which is his work in progress, pointing out various modifications he had made on the original PCB. This triggered a discussion with Trevor VK7TB and others on keeping RF energy and switching shielded from logic level computer interfacing to minimise interference.

Meanwhile Peter VK7PD was attempting to program a small Chinese hand held and was having troubles getting the correct driver installed on the computer. Lewis VK7IT stepped in and successfully found and installed the correct one. Onya Lewis. Peter then completed his task now that the programming software recognised the radio.

That’s all for now folks, lots of other discussions were happening making it a very enjoyable technical evening.

73, Idris VK7ZIRö

2022 Membership fees – yes with the year rapidly disappearing it is time to start reminding all that your 2021 Membership fee expires on 31 December. A letter advising of the fee payable for 2022 will be forwarded to all members in late November to the email address noted on our records.

We confirm that the 2022 membership fee will see a slight increase to $40 for each voting member with an additional unchanged $5 for each member of the family that the voting member wishes to add to his or her membership.


TestNet and TECHNET – Wednesday 24th November. TestNet/CW course on 3580 from 7pm till 7.30pm….and a TECHNET on 3567 from 7.30pm till about 8.30pm. Your host for the evening will again be Nic VK7WW.

TECH NIGHT – Wednesday 1st December at the NTARC Club rooms, 19:30 hours until whenever. 

Christmas Dinner – Wednesday 15th December. Venue Mowbray Hotel, meet time is 6.00pm. Tables have been booked under the name of NTARC. Menu is a-la-carte and there is plenty of parking at the rear. Please RSVP the secretary at either of these email addresses news(at) or ypmaxwell(at) or jot your name down on the sheet next to the sign in register on a Wednesday night session or coffee morning. We will need to confirm final numbers with the Hotel on Tuesday 14th December, so please ensure you get your name on the list before that date. As of Friday we had 26 names listed and the Hotel has been advised to extend seating numbers to 30, so if you are planning to attend please advise so that your name can be added.

COFFEE MORNINGS – currently held every Friday in the NTARC Club rooms. Catch up time is from 10.00 am to noon and we look forward to seeing you all.

These coffee events represent a good opportunity to collect your QSL cards. We currently have cards awaiting collection, so why not pop in and check the QSL box and join us for a cuppa and chat.

Just a friendly reminder, please demonstrate your appreciation of all the effort that goes into operating the club, its facilities and the other services we provide, especially in these abnormal and very trying times, enjoying the company, coffee, biscuits and cake, by leaving a gold coin or two, or even a small bank note, in the jar to assist in our on-going operations. 

FINALLY – A reminder to all members that if you have any items of news you would like added to our weekly roundup, no matter how trivial, then please email me at the following address news(at) all items to be received no later than 17:00 on the Friday prior to the Broadcast.

Your continued cooperation in this regard will be greatly appreciated. 

We will bring you all such contributions next Sunday morning.

73, Yvonne VK7FYMX, Secretary NTARC Inc


WICEN Tasmania (South)
XMAS Lunch

WICEN Tas (Sth) will be holding their XMAS lunch and gathering at the Top Pub (opposite the RSL) from 12 noon on Sunday 5th December 2021.

If you wish to come along and haven’t already then please let Chris VK7CDW know at email: chris.webb(at)

73, WICEN Committee


Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania
9cm QSO Party gathers momentum in VK7

For the last 4 Sunday’s after our very popular 23cm QSO party held at 10:00am we have begun having our 9cm version of the QSO party.

The initial participants over the last 4 have been VK7’s ZBX, TW, KAJ, OO and HH. The rig of choice is the very nice kit from SG-Lab in Bulgaria that has been landing here with even more on the way. A group purchase of grid pack style antennas was also organised and we now have most setup with a 27 dBi antenna and with the 3W we are seeing really impressive results using the very capable Mt Wellington as a passive reflector with 5X9 ++ signals across Hobart on FM. Significant QSB has been evident but still significant headroom is left for armchair copy between most stations.

There are 2 more of the 9cm transverters in the North of the state being busily set up and I believe testing is underway between stations so hopefully we can look forward to some North / South contacts on this band. There may be a few of the Geelong Radio club panels laying about so now would be a great time to get it out and join in the fun. We gather on Sundays after the 23cm QSO party on 3398.150 Mhz, and look forward to hearing stations join the group.

73, Richard, VK7ZBX


December Presentation
VK0PD on Antarctic Adventures

We have been fortunate to be able to secure a presentation from Paul VK0PD who has recently come back to VK7 from VK0 - Casey Station.

Paul will be taking us through his experiences in Antarctica.

A huge thank you to Paul for this presentation.

The presentation will be broadcast and streamed on the night.

On 1st December 2021 in the Queens Domain clubrooms from 7:30pm.

See you there.

73, REAST Committee


REAST Open Day - New New Date!

The REAST committee has re-rescheduled the Open Day to Sunday January 30th, 2022 from 11am to 3pm.

More details about the day will be in future broadcasts.

73, REAST Committee


REAST Christmas BYO BBQs

REAST will be holding Christmas BYO BBQs on 15 December 2021. The first at lunchtime for the Wednesday Afternoon Group (WAGs) and the second from 7:30pm for the DATV Experimenter’s Group.

See you there.

73, REAST Committee


Training and Assessments

REAST’s next Foundation Licence course and all licence assessment day is on next Saturday the 27th November 2021 from 9am to 3pm.

If you are thinking of coming along then please let Reg Emmett VK7KK REAST Learning Organiser know ASAP that you will be coming along by phoning 0417 391 607 or email assessor(at)

Check out the REAST Foundation Licence Training Videos that can be found on the REAST YouTube Training and Assessment playlist.

Checkout the REAST Facebook page events for further details.

73, Reg, VK7KK


DATV Experimenter's Night

We started the DATV night with a RaspberryPi Vesa Case. This is a laser cut acrylic case for RaspberryPi Model 3 or 4 that mounts on the back of a Monitor or TV as display unit. You can use applications like DAKBoard to display an electronic wall board of information.

Raspian - and DAKBoard -

We then moved to our last segment about resonance and we started with a reminder of what resonance is.

A ceramic resonator or dielectric resonator uses the Peizoelectric effect like a crystal. The oscillator energy is injected into the dielectric material that is a particular size to determine the resonant frequency and it bounces around forming standing wave in the material which stabilises the frequency of the energy injected. or

We then used a NanoVNA to measure the frequency of a crystal and resonator measurement. We showed the S21 Insertion Transmission Cooefficient showing series (zero - low impedence) and parallel (high impedance) frequencies and on the second trace the Phase +90 degrees at low frequencies crosses through 0 degrees at series resonance and -90 degrees then back to + 90 degrees at the parallel resonance point of the crystal.;


We then moved to oscillator circuits and the use of crystals and resonators. We recapped the different oscillator circuits:

Hartley oscillator - uses a tapped inductor to control the feedback from output to input;

Colpitts oscillator - uses capacitors to control the feedback from output to input;

Armstrong oscillator - transformer coupled to control the feedback from output to input;

Others like Clapp, Sieler, Vakkar, Tuned in/out and Pierce are all variations of the three above.

To improve stability you can use crystals or resonators to replace to inductor in a colpitts or pierce or one of the transformer taps in the armstrong.

We then looked at some other examples of resonance like:

Pendulums in a clock - the clockwork supplies the energy to inject into moving the pendulum and the length and weight determines the resonance - one swing per second.

Acoustic resonances of the human vocal tract with your head and mouth as the resonator.

Shattering of a crystal wineglass when exposed to a musical tone of the right pitch (its resonant frequency).

Friction idiophones, such as making a glass harp - glass object (glass, bottle, vase) vibrate by rubbing around its rim with a fingertip.

Creation of coherent light by optical resonance in a laser cavity - light confined in particular sized cavity reflects multiple times producing standing waves and these standing waves setup longitudinal and transverse modes which can be used to transmit different data and increasing bandwidth on the same fibre

Orbital resonance as exemplified by some moons of the Solar System's gas giants

Schumann Resonances - global electromagnetic resonances setup by lightning strikes - earth’s natural resonances at 7.83Hz, 14.1Hz and 20.3Hz, etc

Cavity Resonances - High Power Microwave resonators - Magnetrons and Klystrons

Material resonances in atomic scale are the basis of several spectroscopic techniques that are used in condensed matter physics

Electron spin resonance

Mössbauer effect

Nuclear magnetic resonance

Justin then demonstrated the 27dBi 3.4GHz gridpack antenna in the studio with the SG Labs 3.4GHz Transverter on the tripod stand.

We reminded people of the Spring VHF and Above Field Day on the 27/28 November 2021.

Justin showed some merch from the Australian Research & Space Exploration organisation.

And finished with some reminders of future events.

This week we have a feature on Dick Smith following on from the excellent interview that Hayden VK7HH and his very popular Ham Radio DX YouTube channel did with Dick last Friday night.

Keep an eye on the REAST Facebook Events for more details. 

And a reminder that we go out on RF on 445.5MHz DVB-T 7MHz Standard Definition. So, if you have a TV, Set-top box or USB DTV Dongle that you can tune and scan 445.5MHz and you can see the Queens Domain, then you have a good chance of receiving the DATV Experimenter's Night Signal.

Look out for VK7OTC. We also stream the nights on the REAST YouTube channel.

73, Justin, VK7TW 


Regular VK7 gatherings and events over the coming months:
Regular gatherings:

SOTA/WWFF Group – Meeting Mondays and Fridays 10.30-12.00 midday at Glebe Gardens Cafe, Henry St, Launceston.

NTARC – Friday coffee session – Rocherlea clubrooms Launceston from 10:00am

NTARC - Tech Night sessions Wednesday 1st December - Rocherlea clubrooms Launceston

NTARC - TestNet and TECHNET – Wednesday 24th November. TestNet/CW course on 3580 from 7pm till 7.30pm and a TECHNET on 3567 from 7.30pm till about 8.30pm

NW VK7 – Wednesday from 2000 local – NW Tassie Amateur Repeater Group Net on VK7RMD

NW VK7 - Thursday commencing at 09:30 UTC (20:30 local) - N.W. Tassie 2m DX Net 144.190 USB (upper sideband).

REAST – MICROWAVE QSO Party – following after the Sunday broadcast on 1296.15 MHz FM.

REAST – WAGS – Wednesday Afternoon Group meet in the Queens Domain Clubrooms from 12 noon.

REAST – DATV Experimenter’s Nights from 7:30pm live in the club rooms also on DVBT RF and YouTube Streaming

Sewing Circle Net – Daily on 3.640 MHz commences at 6:00pm AEDST.

NWTARC - 27th November - Christmas gathering held at Legions Park on the Esplanade West Ulverstone from midday.

REAST - 1st December - Presentation on Antarctic Adventures with VK0PD in Queen’s Domain clubrooms from 7:30pm.

NWTARC - 4th December - Club meeting in the Scout hall, 73 Alexander Road, Ulverstone from 1:30pm.

WICEN Tas (Sth) - 5th December - XMAS lunch - Top pub - Cygnet from 12 noon.

NTARC - 15th December - Xmas Dinner at Mowbray Hotel from  6.00pm - let secretary know if coming along.

REAST - 15th December - XMAS BYO BBQs for WAGS at lunchtime and DATV Experimenter’s Night from 6:00pm

REAST - 30th January 2022 - REAST OPEN Day from 11am to 3pm

REAST - 6th February 2022 - Annual General Meeting - Queens Domain Clubrooms from 11am followed by BYO BBQ


A reminder to those people rostered for next week’s broadcast:

Newsreader: VK7ZIR

Repeaters: REAST, NTARC and in the NW thanks to N W T A R C, West Coast Radio Group, Cradle Coast Radio Amateur Radio Club, VK7AX, and VK7DC

160m: VK7GS

80m: VK7TPE

40m: VK7ALH

20m: VK7JGD

10m: VK7DG

DMR: Talk Group 5 and D-Star: Reflector 91C VK7ZCR


You can hear this broadcast again on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RAA in Northern VK7 and VK7RTC in Southern VK7.

A huge thank you to all people and organisations that assisted with this broadcast.


That concludes our VK7 Amateur Radio News Broadcast for this week.

You have been listening to or have just missed VK7WI. Next week the National WIA news can be heard at 0900 followed by the VK7 Amateur Radio News around 0930 hours.

Items for the broadcast can be emailed to vk7arnews(at)

Further information about the broadcast can be found at the VK7 Amateur Radio News Groups.IO Group.

The deadline for items is 21:00 on Friday prior to the Sunday of the broadcast.

VK7WI is now closing but will reopen shortly for callbacks and relay reports. Callbacks will be taken on the frequency to which you are listening. Relay stations will use their own callsigns during the callback.

On behalf of the VK7 Amateur Radio News Team it’s 73 from Justin, VK7TW.


           (Posted to the packet network courtesy Tony VK7AX)

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