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BID : 29611_NS2B
Subj: PCL NET SCRIBE NOV 15 2021
Sent: 211116/0156Z 29611@NS2B.#WNY.NY.USA.NOAM BPQ6.0.22

PCL Net Scribe Nov. 15, 2021

WX4QZ, Daryl, Arkansas (Net Control And Scribe)
NS2B, Bob, New York (Alternate Net Control And Sysop)
NT5R, Charley, Missouri (Erratic Connection)
VA7RBP, Rick, Canada
KF5TVG, Bob, Missouri (Portable)

No early checkins.



GE to all...lots to talk about again (hi hi).

Once again, a reminder that with the holidays 
coming up, The PCL Net will NOT meet next Monday,
Nov. 22 (next Monday), or the Mondays of Dec. 20
and 27. I do wish folks safe travel during the 
holidays. After tonight, we'll be back on Nov. 29. 
Just don't eat too much food...whether turkey or 
ham...and if you eat the latter, you are 
cannibalistic (hi hi). Bob, too bad I can't
afford to travel to Missouri to have an eyeball

We're supposed to get rain and thunderstorms 
from late Wednesday through Thursday, but the
amounts don't look to be all that impressive;
the same with rain chances over next weekend.
It'll be windy and spring-like before the
storms arrive.

Still no word on when I'll do that on demand
session, but I bought an ink cartridge today
to print out various forms. I think they'll
want it done before that $35 fee kicks in. I
am looking at only 4 sessions next year, so
I can get Field Stocked again. I'm going to
try to get set up with that Exam Tools software
before the Technician Question Pool and exams
change on July 1, 2022. I wonder how long it'll
take us to start writing 2022 on our checks 
(hi hi).

I'm to see the urologist in the morning, for
the Emergency Room follow-up...then, I'm to
have the Yag Laser Eye Surgery on Thursday.
A friend is lending me funds to get it done,
because the way my insurance is, any sort of
outpatient procedure requires $300 up front.

I microwaved some PopSecret popcorn, but I
learned you should just put the bag in there,
and not on a microwave plate. The plate got
so hot it melted...but at least no fire. The
brand I got was extra butter <yum!>. I was
told it was a great source of fiber...and,
I'll leave it at that (hi hi). I still have
3 small microwave plates that I can use.

The latest version of DroidStar does NOT have
a VoCoder with it, but there are apps where
you can install one. I don't use that, so I'm
not familiar with it. It's easier to work off
the laptop computer. The battery runs down too
quick on my phone as it is, and I don't play
games on it.

Bob (NY) on eating at Paula Deen's, I remember
when she was on Emeril Lagasse LIVE with her
Southern Breakfast...I was drooling.

Charley, sorry to hear about the loss of your
GF sister.

Rick, Bummer on the weather and the RTTY QRM.

Bob (OK) it has been a wild season with college
football, with close games and injuries. Arkansas
beat LSU 16-13 in overtime to bring back the "Boot"
trophy. I doubt LSU's coach is too unhappy...they
owe him $16 million.

Also, I think there's a solar eclipse this weekend
as well.



GE All!

This week was pretty good.

On the radio front I took down a tri-band 
vertical I had and put up an OCF dipole - the 
dipole gives me more bands so I've been able 
to play in other places now. 40M FT8 specifically 
caught my interest for a couple of days. It also 
works on 6M so I checked into the local 6M SSB
net last Thursday. That was cool.

Getting ready for a whirlwind trip to Missouri - 
plans every night there so far. Charley sent you 
email - planning to be at Paula Deen's place in 
Branson on Monday night - if you want to drop by 
please do! Dinner on me!! What's ur local repeater 
around Branson?

It's turned into Winter here - slushy rain all day - 
in the not too distant future it'll just be snow...

Everyone have a good Thanksgiving. Rick I know you've 
already had yours.  Hope you get to travel to Vancouver 
soon. Bob, sorry I won't get to see you this trip - 
there will be others!  I'll see you next week Charley.  



ge everyone

70f Branson today, tomorrow similar, then colder 
and rain in forecast

Bob be REAL happy to meet you eyeball, which 
Monday and what time?

did get KCM node back online

bought 20 amp Astron for MOBRA at hamfest in Springfield 
last Saturday, going to put in spare radio 60 watts 
hopefully will be more reliable into Huntsville

girl friend sister died, will be in Oklahoma Saturday 
for funeral. Will send you text. hopefully be back 
Branson by Monday

Rick you be careful up there

OK Bob, enjoy Branson catch up with you sometime

Have an awesome week and great holiday everyone



Good evening Daryl and all on the net.

The week went by pretty quick. I spent the time pulling 
the shack wiring apart...again, searching for the elusive 
RF interference in the shack.

At the moment it's raining, and snowing in the high passes. 
Lots of flooding happening.

We had planned to go to Vancouver on Thursday for our 
Grandson's birthday, but all the highways are blocked.
There's a landslide on one highway, and bridge is out 
on another main highway, and tonight they are shutting 
down highway 1 in and out of Vancouver due to flooding. 
It doesn't look like we'll be going anywhere soon. Arlene 
cancelled the hotel we usually stay in to break up the 
trip. Another thing about having the highways closed is 
no trucks. The stores are already running out of stuff.
Oh well, I always have my radios to play with.

I have been playing around with VaraCT some more on 14.105 
USB, and 17M has been good the past couple of days for 
Robust Packet

Couldn't do much on 20M due to RTTY QRM so moved up to 17M.

I tried typing ahead and doing a cut and paste but it doesn't 
seem to work that good with QTTermTCP.

Bob KF5TVG, VARA CHAT and VARA were just updated on the 
EA5HVK website, and VarAC is another client for chatting 
using VARA HF under development, with some bells and 
whistles thrown in check out

I think Arlene is planning Christmas here in Castlegar, so 
we won't be going to the coast again until probably March.

Ok, that's it for me tonight. Everyone have a great couple 
of weeks, 73 until next time.



@Charley: sorry to hear about GF sister.
@Rick: I need to check out vara chat. sounds interesting.
@Bob: Sorry I won't be in Branson while you are here.

First, we finished "tour of duty" looking after grandkids
for 8 weeks. All survived!

Newest grandson is healthy and seems laid back (so far)!

We are in Branson for just a few days, then home for a few
days, and then back to Norman,OK for Thanksgiving.

Some day, I'm going to be here long enough to have a
eyeball QSO with Charley again!

My OK State cowboys are doing well this year, so I'm
hopeful we can put a dent in OU Bedlam game over
Thanksgiving weekend.

Leonid meteor shower coming up. 17th I think. Hope the
weather is clear, but I think we are expecting weather.

@Daryl: will be praying your surgery goes well.

I never had a deal like LSU coach or Mariah Carey, for that
matter. Sony: "Ms. Carey, please take this $40M and don't
record anymore songs for us. Thanks so much!"

Rick, thanks for the info about Vara updates.

That's all for now. Have a great week everyone 73.


Daryl, WX4QZ

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